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Decking Frequently Asked Questions

General Decking Questions

Do I need to get planning permission for my decking?

Most decking installations don't necessitate planning permission unless they're unusually large or elevated. However, it's always a good idea to consult with your local planning office to be certain.

Can I still install decking if my garden is sloped?

Absolutely! We can assist in designing a deck that incorporates steps and layers to manage the slope. In some cases, we might also be able to excavate the ground or add supports to create a flat deck.

Is it possible to place a hot tub on my deck?

The feasibility of this depends on your deck's design and height. However, in most instances, if this is factored into the design from the start, we can reinforce the deck to accommodate the additional weight.

Is balustrade necessary around my decking?

For decks that are more than 600mm off the ground, it's usually recommended (and often legally required) to install a balustrade for safety reasons. Our surveyor will provide guidance on this during your design consultation.

Timber Decking Questions

Is timber decking harmful to the environment?

No, our timber decking comes from certified suppliers, ensuring all wood is sustainably sourced and produced, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Does timber decking become slippery?

Similar to many other surfaces, accumulated debris can lead to slippery conditions. By adhering to our maintenance guide (provided with all decking installations) and properly caring for your timber decking, you can maintain a safe surface throughout the year.

How frequently should timber decking be treated?

This largely depends on your property's location and weather conditions. Properties in particularly damp areas or near the coast may require more regular maintenance, and composite decking could be a more suitable option in such cases. As a rule of thumb, timber decking should be treated at least once a year.

Composite Decking FAQs

Does composite decking surpass timber decking in quality?

When compared to timber decking, composite decking has the advantage of requiring less upkeep. It doesn't require sanding, oiling, or painting, and it's resistant to splitting, warping, and rotting.

What materials are used in the production of composite decking?

Composite decking boards are crafted from a mix of recycled plastic, wood fibres, bonding agents, and a tint to achieve the desired colour.

Is composite decking a green choice?

Indeed, our composite decking is produced using recycled plastic and wood fibres sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

Does composite decking become slippery when it's wet?

Composite decking is designed with safety in mind and includes an anti-slip finish. The textured boards provide a safer alternative to timber decking in damp conditions.

Will the colour of my composite decking fade over time?

Composite decking boards are UV resistant and thus, resistant to fading. While the boards may lighten slightly over time, they will largely retain their original hue.

What is the lifespan of composite decking?

Generally, composite decking should last between 25 and 30 years. Some composite decking boards even come with a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Millboard Decking FAQs

Where is Millboard decking applicable?

Millboard decking is a highly flexible solution that can be used in nearly all outdoor spaces, provided it complies with building regulations. Its uses extend beyond just decks - it's also perfect for cladding, balconies, rooftop gardens, boardwalks, bridges, pontoons, seating, steps, planters, and more. Essentially, Millboard can serve as the decorative finish for most outdoor designs, as long as it's attached to a structural element.

Does Millboard decking have consistent colours?

Millboard decking is designed to imitate the natural variations of timber, so it's not intended to have uniform shades. Purchasing all your required Millboard decking at once can help ensure colour consistency. Before installation, we recommend laying out the boards to create an effective, subtle blend.

Will the colour of my Millboard decking change over time?

Just like natural timber, Millboard decking will naturally weather and tone down when exposed to elements such as sunlight, snow, and rain. Some yellowing, especially in the deeper grain of our decking and cladding boards, may occur, and loss of gloss is also expected and intentional. This helps us replicate the look of the natural timber that our products are modelled against.

Does Millboard decking expand or contract?

Thanks to its resin mineral composition, Millboard decking is more stable compared to timber or timber-based composites. We advise leaving a 4mm gap between the sides of boards, a 1mm gap between the ends of boards, and a 10mm gap between the boards and any solid surface for drainage purposes.

Does Millboard get hot under the sun?

Like all composite products, the surfaces of the boards may become hotter than timber when exposed to direct sunlight. Darker colours, in particular, may feel hotter and could be uncomfortable to walk on barefoot. In areas with direct sunlight and high temperatures, wearing footwear may be necessary. Extra caution should be taken when using decking near heat/UV reflective glass or around swimming pools.

Does Millboard decking come with a warranty?

Yes, all our products come with a Limited Warranty for your peace of mind. Depending on the installation application of the boards, we will issue either a Residential 25-year Limited Warranty or a Commercial 5-year Limited Warranty, provided it is registered within 90 days of installation.

Why do my newly laid boards have a slightly oily/shiny finish?

This is because a release agent is used in the manufacturing process, which can leave a shiny or waxed surface or cause small particles of dirt and water puddling when the boards are first delivered. This release agent will wear off naturally within 6-8 weeks due to weathering. However, you can speed up this process by cleaning the boards with warm soapy water and a stiff brush after installation.

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